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Ramey Warrant in a Los Angeles Criminal Case

This is a warrant that the police get by going directly to a Superior Court judge in one of the criminal courts in Los Angeles and asking the judge to issue a warrant for a particular defendant or defendants that they’re trying to get their hands on, arrest and hopefully have the prosecutors and District Attorneys in Los Angeles file a case against them. So, it’s a situation where the judge is issuing the warrant instead of the prosecutors and District Attorney’s office.  What’s interesting about this is the fact that usually, probably in 95% or better of cases in… Read More

Defense for Stealing Gas in Los Angeles

There’s a lot of schemes going on where individuals are working with inside people in gas stations to steal gas.  It could be truck drivers who are getting huge amounts of gas at a discounted rate or even paying nothing for the particular gas. The prosecutors, the sheriffs and the police are definitely prosecuting these cases, and obviously you put yourself in a bad position because if you’re taking gas at a large rate where it’s over $950.00 you could be charged with a felony. Now you’re looking at not being able to vote, having a felony conviction on your… Read More

How Our Office Is Handling Clients During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Our office remains open during the COVID-19 outbreak. Fortunately, we were already set up to accept new clients over the phone and on the internet via FaceTime, which is a service we have used for years in order to address the needs of people who can’t enter the country without first hiring a lawyer. While the police are not making as many arrests as they were before the outbreak, they are still pursuing cases—particularly the ones deemed more serious. Almost all of the civil courts in Los Angeles County are closed, but all 38 criminal courts are still open with… Read More

Helping Agents with Clients Charged with a Crime

Defense Lawyer Helping Agents Whose Clients are Charged with Criminal Cases in Los Angeles For 26 years now, I’ve assisted agents in helping their clients who have criminal cases pending in Los Angeles.  A lot of times agents are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that their clients are represented when they have a criminal case. The client will go to them whether the client is a celebrity, an athlete or anybody that’s being represented by an agent and they let them know that they’ve been arrested.  They tell them what the charges are, and obviously, the agent has… Read More

Defense of Attorneys in Los Angeles Criminal Cases

I’ve been representing attorneys in criminal case for the last 26 years.  I’ve handled cases all over Los Angeles county.  I even worked for the State Bar of California for a period of time on one of the Commissions that is tasked with interviewing and helping chose judges for the Governor for the State of California. So, I have a lot of experience in dealing with different agencies, including the District Attorney’s office who I worked for in 1992 in east Los Angeles.  I also worked for a Superior Court judge in the early 1990’s as his research attorney and… Read More

Defense of a Dentist in Los Angeles Criminal Cases

Over the last 26 years I’ve represented a lot of dentists charged with various crimes.  Sometimes the crime charged relates to what they do in their practice.  In other words, while they’re performing some dental activities, they’re alleged to have touched the alleged victim in some inappropriate way or had sex with the alleged victim. In other words, a sexual assault or other sex crime criminal charge pending against a dentist is something I’ve handled many times in the past. Our California criminal defense attorneys are providing a review below. Domestic Violence or DUI Charges Another area that I’ve represented… Read More

Representing Actors in Criminal Cases in Los Angeles

Over the last 26 years I’ve represented many actors in criminal cases throughout Los Angeles county.  I think I have a pretty good feel for how to handle these cases. Our California criminal defense lawyers are providing a review below. Specially Assigned Prosecutor There are a couple of things you need to realize if you’re a defendant in a case and you’re an actor, and that is that (1) usually what the prosecutors do if the person is a celebrity, they’re going to assign a specially assigned prosecutor to handle the case. This is because of potential publicity and also… Read More

Criminal Defense for Athletes in Los Angeles

I’ve represented athletes now for the last 26 years in handling criminal defense cases across Los Angeles county in all of the 38 courthouses.  I myself was an athlete in both high school and college.  I have a pretty good repor with those people who are out there who have phenomenal athletic skills and end up getting themselves in trouble.  Our California criminal defense attorneys are providing an overview below. Criminal Charges Affecting Athletic Programs A lot of times when you have a criminal case pending against you it can affect your athletics — whether you’re a collegiate athlete, whether… Read More

Types of Cases in Los Angeles Criminal Courts in Coronavirus Lockdown

Which Type of Cases are the Los Angeles Courts Dealing with in Today’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown? Believe it or not, all 38 of the Los Angeles criminal courts are still open for business as I make this post in late March and they probably will be through this virus.  I don’t think there’s going to be a complete shutdown of the courthouses. However, unless things really get out of control and I think the reason for that is because there’s a lot of people who are in custody and also, the criminal justice system in Los Angeles county is huge with… Read More

Cononavirus Update on Los Angeles Criminal Defense

What’s Happening in Criminal Defense with the Los Angeles County Jail System and the Cononavirus (COVID-19) Right now a lot of people are terrified about going to jail as it relates to a criminal case they might have pending in Los Angeles county or maybe they’re still supposed to be sentenced and they’re obviously worried about being trapped in the Los Angeles county jail with the Coronavirus going on.  Our California criminal defense lawyers are providing an overview below. Not Reported Cases of Coronavirus in Los Angeles County Jails One good things about the Los Angeles County jail right now… Read More

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