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What if You’re Caught with a Gun at the LAX Airport?

More and more I see these cases being prosecuted in the Airport or LAX court where people are going into the airport and somehow getting caught with a gun, either at the metal detector, or just in general anywhere where you’re going to board a plane. Obviously, having a gun makes the authorities that  you’re going to do something really bad, and especially remembering 9-11 and all the security precautions that were put in place.  They’re very harsh on these cases.  They take no chances. Even if you say it’s a mistake they don’t care.  They’re going to arrest you. … Read More

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Most people who find themselves in trouble and on the wrong side of the law obviously want to find an attorney that can help them, and a lot of people search for the best criminal defense attorney that can help them. I think the thinking on that is that, the better the attorney, the better the result, and I tell you there is definitely a lot of truth to that way of thinking because if you’ve got a great attorney — you’ve got one of the best attorneys — obviously, that attorney is going to be able to do the… Read More

What Determines If You Go To Jail In A Los Angeles Criminal Case?

This is probably one of the biggest things on people’s minds when it comes to a criminal case right now, especially with the Coronavirus.  Nobody wants to go into the county jail. Obviously, a lot of the population is either under quarantine, or has been exposed somehow to the Coronavirus.  No one wants to go into jail for that reason and also just for the fact of being isolated and alone in a lot of cases being in an environment with dangerous people. So, the factors that determine whether somebody will go to jail are big factors.  I can rattle… Read More

What Information Should I Share with My Criminal Attorney?

What information is critical to share with my Los Angeles criminal defense attorney? Could my medical history be helpful or used against me? If you think something is relevant to your case, like your medical history, you should share it with your attorney. Let your attorney make the decision of whether something is relevant. But don’t hide things from your attorney, don’t just give your attorney things you think are helpful, and don’t try to put a spin on whatever information that you have. That’s one thing that I have to kind of cut people off from. Sometimes they begin… Read More

What Questions Must I Answer If Stopped by Los Angeles Police?

I was stopped by Los Angeles police. What questions am I required to answer? Can the officer order me out of the car? If you are stopped by Los Angeles police, you are not required to answer anything. The police can make whatever orders they want. Whether they’re lawful or not depends on the circumstances. If you put yourself in a position where you’re saying that the police did something wrong, the police, will try to defend themselves and say that they didn’t do anything wrong. That’s why body cams and various other types of evidence have become important in… Read More

Common Mistakes People Make When Encountering Law Enforcement

What are some of the most common mistakes that you see people make when it comes to encounters with law enforcement in Los Angeles County? One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to encounters with law enforcement is when they try to talk their way out of the situation they are in, or thinking that they’re smarter than the police, which leads them to making statements and answering questions. They don’t realize that police encounter people armed with information all of the time. And so, they think they’re going to talk their way out of… Read More

Criminal Charges Related to Accident Causing Death in California

Learn About Criminal Charges Stemming from an Accident That Results from the Death on the Road Over the course of the last 26 years I’ve handled hundreds of cases involving accidents where deaths occur.  Some of these cases have been handled at the civil level with no criminal charges being prosecuted against my clients. Other times, the prosecutors have filed various charges related to the accident, ranging from involuntary manslaughter to vehicular manslaughter to all the way up to murder and sometimes a felony DUI. It really just relates to what the person was doing at the time that the… Read More

Ramey Warrant in a Los Angeles Criminal Case

This is a warrant that the police get by going directly to a Superior Court judge in one of the criminal courts in Los Angeles and asking the judge to issue a warrant for a particular defendant or defendants that they’re trying to get their hands on, arrest and hopefully have the prosecutors and District Attorneys in Los Angeles file a case against them. So, it’s a situation where the judge is issuing the warrant instead of the prosecutors and District Attorney’s office.  What’s interesting about this is the fact that usually, probably in 95% or better of cases in… Read More

Defense for Stealing Gas in Los Angeles

There’s a lot of schemes going on where individuals are working with inside people in gas stations to steal gas.  It could be truck drivers who are getting huge amounts of gas at a discounted rate or even paying nothing for the particular gas. The prosecutors, the sheriffs and the police are definitely prosecuting these cases, and obviously you put yourself in a bad position because if you’re taking gas at a large rate where it’s over $950.00 you could be charged with a felony. Now you’re looking at not being able to vote, having a felony conviction on your… Read More

How Our Office Is Handling Clients During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Our office remains open during the COVID-19 outbreak. Fortunately, we were already set up to accept new clients over the phone and on the internet via FaceTime, which is a service we have used for years in order to address the needs of people who can’t enter the country without first hiring a lawyer. While the police are not making as many arrests as they were before the outbreak, they are still pursuing cases—particularly the ones deemed more serious. Almost all of the civil courts in Los Angeles County are closed, but all 38 criminal courts are still open with… Read More

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