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What is a Humphrey’s Hearing as It Relates to Bail?

Basically, in the 27 years that I’ve been practicing criminal defense, bail was pretty much controlled by a couple of things. The judge would look at whether or not the defendant was a flight risk and whether or not the defendant was a danger to the community. When looking at these things, there’s a bunch of different subcategories that would be assessed by the judge in setting the person’s bail or releasing them on their own recognizance, where they sign a promise to appear and don’t have to put up any money or use a bail bondsman. The End of… Read More

Has The New Los Angeles DA Done Anything with Bail?

Has The New Los Angeles District Attorney Made Any Changes with Bail? What Has He Enacted? The new DA’s position on bail is interesting. For the most part, he has instructed the deputies to argue to the judge that the bail should be zero, which would wipe out bail bondsmen. They wouldn’t be able to operate anymore if all of the bonds go to zero. However, he’s implemented this change in the middle of the pandemic where the bails are already at zero.  There are some exceptions to his bail rule and the pandemic bail rule, which applies to serious… Read More

Current Status of Bail for Criminal Cases in Los Angeles

Right now, there’s a bunch of propositions that are on the ballot. So, there’s going to be some voting going to see whether or not we go to a basically, no bail situation. This would be where the bail bond companies will be cut out and it would be more like the federal system, where you’ll either be released or detained or there will be some other form like a property bond or a signature bond.  I think right now, the bail situation in Los Angeles county is up in the air. As I write this piece for my website,… Read More

Current Bail Situation in Los Angeles Due to the Coronavirus

What is the Current Bail Situation in Los Angeles Based on the Coronavirus? Currently, all bail cases are being set at zero because of the Coronavirus.  The criminal judges have decided they want to move as many people out of the court system as possible — out of jail as possible — because people who are in the jail are five to fifteen times more likely to get the Coronavirus because they’re smashed in there like sardines. There are a number of different exceptions that will block somebody from getting bail.  For example, if you’re charged with murder, if you’re… Read More

What Is Required To Get A Bail Lowered for Change of Circumstance?

A lot of clients and family members obviously want bails lowered after bail is determined.  They don’t want to have to pay bail bondsmen, and a lot of times bails are so high that people simply can’t bail out.  Once that bail is set by the judge — that’s why it’s so important to have an attorney right from the beginning so you can try to get the bail set as low as possible — but once it’s set, the judge is not going to lower the bail unless the attorney can mount a powerful argument that there’s been a… Read More

What Happens If You Don’t Make Payments To A Bail Bond Company?

When somebody uses a bond company to bail themselves out related to a criminal case in Los Angeles, if they don’t pay the whole premium upfront, and they chose to make payments which a lot of payments will allow them to do and then they fail to make their payments or violate the agreement with the bail bond company in some material way, the bond company can then say, if you’re not going to pay what you promised to pay — of you’re not going to correct whatever it is that you did wrong regarding our agreement with you — then… Read More

What Happens When Someone Skips Bail In Los Angeles County?

When an individual posts bail on a criminal case in Los Angeles County and later on doesn’t show up for the court, what ends up happening is the court will issue a warrant for that person’s arrest and will forfeit their bail. How to Get Bail Reinstated in Los Angeles In order to get that bail back – let’s say someone misses a court date then three days later they come back, the bail has already been forfeited. What we do is we have the bail bond company issue what’s called re-assumption papers which they basically indicate to the court… Read More

How To Choose a Bail Company For Your Los Angeles Criminal Case

Figuring out bail is not easy because there’s a lot of fly-by-night bail bond agencies. What I would say in general, is pick somebody who obviously is well-known – does a lot of commercial advertising. Choose Established Bail Bondsman with Client Reviews Why? Because those people are unlikely to do something bad to the public or the people that they bail out – or cheat their family, because with all the internet stuff that’s going on right now, they would get bad reviews. You probably want to check out the bond company’s reviews just to make sure they haven’t done… Read More

Bail Deviations In Los Angeles

When it comes to setting bail, typically judges in Los Angeles County and all the courts across LA will set bail at what’s called Bail Schedule. Bail Schedule basically is a list of all the crimes in a Bail Schedule book that the judges have come up with a particular bail for each crime. They basically evaluated how serious the crime is and how dangerous the person would be to the public who committed that crime, and then when a judge gets a case at the arraignment level and has to set a bail on a case, they are going… Read More

Posting Bail In Los Angeles County

I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve dealt with a lot of bail situations, including outstanding warrants in California. The first thing you want to do is obviously get a good bail bondsman that knows the LA county court system and knows exactly what it takes in order to get the person out as quick as possible. As I pen this post here, the bail in LA county, the percentage for the bail bondsman seems to vacillate between about 6% and 10%. Most bail agents will usually do it for 7% of 8%. That’s something I like to… Read More

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