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Why Did Police Arrest You and Not Ask Your Side of the Story?

In Los Angeles county, I see a lot of people being arrested, taken into custody and then they’re coming in and asking me why there was no questions asked of them.  Why didn’t the police get their account of what happened? This is very frustrating for a lot of people because they simply can’t figure out why they would be arrested and no one would hear from them. Why would they not get an idea of what happened from their perspective and maybe they wouldn’t have been arrested? Strength of Evidence The reason police officers don’t ask every single person questions,… Read More

Confessions In Los Angeles Criminal Defense Cases

I tell you, a confession is a criminal defense attorney’s worst nightmare. We hate confessions by clients. The most powerful evidence that the prosecutor could use against any criminal defendant — in my opinion, having done this for twenty-five years — is when they confess to the crime or when they say something that amounts to a confession and they are not even sure why they were arrested. It’s really the same thing. So, what we try to do as criminal defense attorneys, if your client is going to fight the case and says they’re innocent, we’re trying to get… Read More

Crimes Charged At The LAX Airport

In doing criminal defense for twenty-five years, I’ve seen many crimes charged at the Airport and the reason why is that security is so tight at LAX that they’re constantly grabbing people’s ID and running their criminal record. So, if they have a crime in another state or even internationally, they will grab them, hold them there and call the police in and detain them for whatever crime they have, and then the Los Angeles Department 30 at CCB will send them in there and then the person is looking at being extradited either internationally or to whatever state they… Read More

Booking Process In Los Angeles

When it comes to getting booked in LA as far as a crime goes, this is a crucial distinction in the law, because once somebody is booked – and that means that the police are going to attempt to get the prosecutors – whether it be the City Attorney or District Attorney – to charge the person with a crime. Really the way that it works is, the police get their hands on somebody. They bring them into the police station. If they decide that they’re going to book them, then their fingerprints are taken; their palm prints are typically… Read More

Being Arrested In Los Angeles

An arrest basically has to do with the police taking you into custody and putting you through the booking process. You’ll then either be released with a citation or they are going to try to send you into court. If they attempt to send you into court, then you are going to have to either post a bail or you will stay in custody, and then in 72 hours the police will be responsible for getting you in front of a judge or they are going to have to let you go. Depending on the holidays, that can create some… Read More

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