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The crime of conspiracy is defined as conspiring with others to commit a serious crime and acting towards its completion. A person may write out a detailed plan, purchase weapons, or carry out any other act that will help to prepare for the crime looking to be committed. The actual crime does not need to be completed in order to face a conspiracy charge, but there must be proof that there was intention to break the law. All those involved will be charged with the crime of conspiracy and will face a criminal conviction. Depending on the circumstances of your case you may be charged in federal court. Whether you are convicted in state or federal court you may face strict penalties, including 1 year to life behind bars.

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At the Hedding Law Firm, we have been defending people facing serious criminal charges in both state and federal court for a combined 75 years. We are knowledgeable with strategy and defense tactics needed in order to defend a conspiracy charge. Our law firm is designated as an “AV” rated firm by the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell attorney rating company, signifying the highest possible ranking for legal ability and ethics as judged by peers in the legal profession. Our firm is dedicated to providing outstanding legal advice and service to each of our clients. We will fight to protect our clients to the fullest extent allowable under both state and federal law because client satisfaction is our number one goal.

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Conspiracy cases often involve complex investigations, facts, and a good deal of evidence. Our Los Angeles federal conspiracy defense lawyers have a complete understanding of both federal and state law and are well-educated regarding all types of complex conspiracy cases. Our criminal attorneys have been able to have charges lowered and/or dismissed in the past by proving holes in the prosecution’s case.

Whether you are facing a conspiracy charge for a drug crimetheft crimeviolent crime, murder, aiding and abetting or any other type of case, contact the Hedding Law Firm today! We have the education, skill and commitment needed to provide you with excellent legal defense representation for your conspiracy case.

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