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Federal Crimes

Our federal criminal defense attorneys have handled thousands of federal and state cases all over Los Angeles.

Our federal attorneys are knowledgeable on all federal laws and federal court room procedures. Our experience and skill equip us to adequately and competently defend you if you are facing a federal crime.

Our Federal Defense Attorneys will sit down with you and educate you on how the federal criminal defense system works and we will explain to you in detail all your available options.

Federal cases are indicted after an investigation is conducted by a federal agency or federal law enforcement . The results are submitted to the Federal prosecutor’s office where a further investigation is conducted.
Most federal criminal cases are prosecuted under Title 18 (most federal crimes) or Title 21 (drug crimes) of the United States Code.

Federal crimes our Attorneys at the Hedding Law firm have handled are fraud related cases such as check fraud, bank fraud, consumer fraud, counterfeitingcredit card fraud,false financial statementinsurance fraudhealthcare fraud,medicare fraudmedicaid fraud, mail fraud, mortgage fraud.

We have also handled cases such as extortionconspiracyforgery, embezzlement, and identity theft. We know how serious these charges are and that is why we guarantee all our clients dedicated and aggressive represnetation.

Federal case trials take place before U.S. District Judges and tried before a jury (unless otherwise agreed by all parties). The U.S. Attorney’s Counsel represents the government and we represent the defendant as we fight aggressively for his/her rights, freedom, and reputation.

Federal Judges are responsible for sentencing and they are required to consult the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and our Los Angeles Attorneys are well-informed about the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and any mitigating factors we may use to your benefit for you to receive a lower sentence. Although the sentencing guidelines are recognized as mandatory, they are more like advisory and as you Federal Defense Lawyer we do whatever we can to get the best results with the minimal penalties.

Our primary goal is to do everything we can to get you the most favorable results. If you or someone you know is facing a federal crime, do not waste any time and contact our Federal Defense Attorneys and set up a free face to face consultation.

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