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Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have seen it all when in comes to criminal cases in Los Angeles County. We have tried or resolved more criminal cases in Los Angeles than just about any criminal defense firm in Los Angeles.

In order to be successful in Los Angeles, a criminal defense attorney must have experience, negotiating ability and trial skills. Unfortunately, many of the attorneys advertising on the web do not have any of these assets. You don’t have to be a good well known Los Angeles lawyer to advertise on the Internet, but you do have to be a good and well known lawyer to get the favorable results for your clients.

The key to finding the right attorney is to look at their credentials, use your common sense and meet with them personally to evaluate their abilities for yourself. You will notice that I have my credentials laid out for you in this site and I actually give you a chance to view me speaking about the relevant subject matter. I want you to see who I am and I feel confident that once you meet me, you will realize that me and my firm our well known and respected in Los Angeles courts that can help you!

I encourage you to call me and set up a free face to face consultation to discuss your case. I have battled cases all over the Nation. I am extremely well known and respected in Los Angeles. You should make the choice to put my skills, credentials, experience and years of interactions with judges and prosecutors to work for you.


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