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There are many individuals serving years in prison because they failed to retain the right attorney. The right attorney with the savvy and experience can make all the difference in the world! Below are just a few examples of how the Hedding Law Firm are the right attorneys!

HEDDING LAW FIRM CLIENT PARDONED BY GEORGE W. BUSH For his conviction in the United States Court for the Central District of California on an indictment for violation of Section 659, Title 18, United States Code, for which he was sentenced on February tenth, 1969, to six months' imprisonment, suspended, two years' probation, and a fine of two hundred dollars ($200).

Van Nuys Superior Court - 10/2014: Client charged with First Degree Residential Burglary...case dismissed by judge after Preliminary Hearing. After finding the defendant's DNA on latex gloves that were disgarded after a a burglary, the prosecution charged the defendant with Burglary of the residence. However, a recent case came out in 2014 that requires the prosecution to show more than just DNA evidence in this type of case. Just like with fingerprints, DNA alone is not enough to convict someone for a crime. The rationale behind the ruling is that there is no way to determine when the DNA or fingerprints where placed on a particular object and therefore DNA alone will not meet the burden of proof necessary to convict someone of a crime in Los Angeles.

San Fernando Superior Court - 8/2014: Client charged with Domestic Violence following an argument with a family member regarding personal property. Case set for trial, after a vigorous investigation and the defense being ready to zealously defend the case, the prosecution announces unable to proceed and the case is dismissed.

Los Angeles Criminal Courts Buliding - 7/2014: Not guilty verdict in main downtown Los Angeles courthouse. Client was charged with murder following a fight in a downtown L.A. bar in 1997. He was arrested 16 years later in another state, extradicted back to California and recently a jury found him not guilty of both First and Second Degree Murder. The defense argued that our client was playing pool and drinking after a soccer match with friends. The alleged victim entered the bar and threatened the defendant and his friends, claimed to be from a local gang, punched the defendant multiple times and challenged him to a fight. All parties to the incident were extremely intoxicated and the bartender kicked them out of the bar. Once outside, a fight irrupted and the victim was stabbed multiple times and struck with a bottle in the head. One of the knife wounds killed the victim. It was argued to the jury that this was not a murder, but instead a crime that was committed in the heat of passion, the defendant was provoked and alcohol cloud the defendant's judgment such that he could not from the specific intent / malice aforethought necessary to convict him of murder. The jury agreed with the defense and found the defendant guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter.

San Fernando Court - 10/2011: Defendant was charged with felony possesion of Ammunition and facing prison time. Our criminal attorneys were able to get him credit for time served and our client was out of jail within days of retaining our attorney services.

Federal Narcotics Case: Client charged with transporting large quantities of cocaine: Mr. Hedding successfully negotiates a disposition involving community service and a lesser charge. The client avoids federal prison, a serious narcotics-related charge and a ten-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Norwalk Superior Court: Client charged with murder and three counts of attempted murder: Following a week-long trial, client is found not guilty of all charges and is released. After facing life-imprisonment without possibility of parole, the client is now working and living his life with his family and friends.

Criminal Courts Building, Downtown Los Angeles - Prosecution dismisses murder charges: Client charged with the crime of murder. Following a thorough defense investigation and a lineup, the prosecution finds that they have the wrong person and the case is dismissed.

Van Nuys Superior Court - Robbery charges dismissed following preliminary hearing: During the preliminary hearing, Mr. Hedding cross-examines the alleged victim after which time, the judge dismisses the case and the prosecution decides not to refile.

Criminal Courts Building, Downtown Los Angeles - Carjacking charges dismissed: At preliminary hearing Mr. Hedding convinces the judge that the client was not involved in the carjacking and the case is dismissed.

San Fernando Courthouse - Man charged with multiple counts of Attempted Murder - after firing multiple shoots at workers at his neighbor's home. Once Mr. Hedding conducts a thorough investigation and consults with multiple mental heath experts it is determine that the client is not guilty by reason of insanity. The client is found not guilty of all charges and is currently receiving professional help for his mental issues.

Torrance Superior Court - Client charged with kidnapping, robbery and various other serious felonies receives probation...after facing life in prison. Mr. Hedding convinced the Head District Attorney to strike the defendant's prior robbery strike and give the client probation and a live-in drug program - after an expert, hired by the defense, determined that the defendant was hallucinating during the commission of the crimes after overdosing on methamphetamine. The client is out of custody and living a normal life with his family.

Torrance Superior Court- Client is a professional doctor charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty facing state prison. Hedding Law Firm was able to work out a resolution where we earned a misdemeanor. Client got weekend jail; was able to maintain job, and provide for family. A year later, the judge was made aware of all the positive mitigating factors and with the help of the Hedding Law Firm, client's record was expunged.

Van Nuys Superior Court - Client charged with Grand Theft and Embezzlement regarding alleged thefts at his place of work. After a thorough investigation the prosecutor is convinced on the day of trial that his case is weak and our client will likely be found not guilty. Instead of wasting tax payer money and risking the embarrassment of a loss, the prosecutor decides to dismiss the case.

San Fernando Superior Court - Client charged with assault with a deadly weapon (gun). Hedding Law Firm got on the case. The offer was 6 years state prison. After a lot of negotiating we were able to get a probationary sentence for client who avoided the 6 year prison sentence and was able to preserve his job.

Van Nuys Superior Court - Client charged with 2 counts of DUI. The Hedding Law Firm was able to negotiate a speed contest. Client was able to avoid jail time and avoid his license getting suspended. The case will be expunged and dismissed.

San Fernando Superior Court - Client was charged with felony grand theft for embezzling property from his work. The Hedding Law Firm was able to negotiate a misdemeanor charged as opposed to a felony and client was simply ordered to pay back company. Case expunged off record.

San Fernando Superior Court - Client was charged with battery with great bodily injury which is a strike. Client facing state prison. When the preliminary hearing was conducted, all the fact came to light and the Hedding Law Firm was able to negotiate a misdemeanor battery. Client avoided prison time and was given CalTrans as a punishment.

Valencia Superior Court - Client charged with 2 nd DUI; had a high blood alcohol level. With the help of the Hedding Law Firm, client was able to avoid jail time and after the probationary period client will be able to get the matter expunged of his record.

Glendale Superior Court - Client charged with DUI with accident. Client had a high blood alcohol level and was facing jail time. The Hedding Law Firm was able to negotiate the minimal punishment with a fine and alcohol program. No jail.

San Fernando Superior Court - Client charged with assault with a deadly weapon (baseball bat) and making terrorist threats. Client was facing multiple years in prison. After investigation and thorough cross examination, it was revealed that the victim was actually looking to burglarize a home in the area of occurrence and our client was simply protecting his home. The Hedding Law firm got the case reduced to a misdemeanor batter and client avoided jail time.

Van Nuys Superior Court - Client was charged with a DUI after losing control of car flying through intersection and hitting a house causing $100,000 worth of damages to house. Client was facing jail time and serious punishment. After investigation, it was determined that client's blood alcohol level was not that high and the defense showed that something else interfered with client's ability to drive. The Hedding Law Firm got the matter reduced to a speed contest. No jail.

Van Nuys Superior Court - Client was charged with a DUI causing accident. The Hedding Law Firm got on the case. Client was offered 90 days in jail due to the blood alcohol level and accident. The Hedding Law Firm gave the defense version of what happened. Client avoided jail time.

Van Nuys Superior Court - Client is facing third strike case (25 to life). Client had 2 old strikes at least 10 or more years old. Client charged with cultivation of marijuana. The Hedding Law Firm was able to negotiate a probationary deal and get both strikes stricken.

Van Nuys Superior Court - Client charged with a DUI causing accident. Client had high blood alcohol level and was facing jail time. After showing the client's version of what happened and pointing out mitigating factors, the Hedding Law Firm was able to achieve a no jail resolution.

San Fernando Superior Court - Client charged with burglary. Client facing prison time and loss of current and future employment. The Hedding Law Firm brought to light the client's impeccable record and all the facts and we were able to negotiate a simple trespass preserving the client's future record. The case was also set up to be expunged and wiped off client's record after 24 months.

Lancaster Superior Court - client charged with possession for sales. Looking at minimum of 180 days. Client received no jail time and a straight possession conviction.

Beverly Hills Superior Court - client with charged with felony sex offense Penal Code section 288(a). After successful negotiation client receives no jail time, probation, and is permitted to plea to a non registerable offense.

Inglewood Superior Court - client charged with robbery. After successful litigation client avoids jail time and is given 200 hours of community service and is permitted to plea to a non strike receiving stolen property.

Downtown Bauchet Street Court - client charged with battery. Unable to accept battery based on immigration status and work related issues. Successfully negotiated a disturbing the peace charge which can be dismissed after a short probationary period.

Pasadena Superior Court - six clients who were part of an alleged extortion were charged with murder of two men, attempted robbery, and conspiracy. After a nine day preliminary hearing granted by the judge, the charges were all dismissed against all of the clients.

Van Nuys Superior Court – Client charged with serious possession of weapon and gang allegations; facing multiple years in prison. After successful negotiations, client receives a probationary sentence.

Beverly Hills Superior Court - Client charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, public intoxication; facing an excessive jail sentence. After mitigating circumstances were brought to the prosecutor's attention by Ronald Hedding and a thorough investigation, client receives no jail time.

Client was a CHP officer charged with grand theft and other charges related to on duty behavior. Client had exemplary record with the CHP and no prior criminal record. The Hedding Law Firm was able to negotiate a misdemeanor which will eventually be expunged.

Client had 2 prior strikes from the same incident. Client picked up new case for throwing bottle at moving car. Passengers were undercover cops. Client was facing third strike (25 to life). After much investigation, it was discovered that the undercover officers had acted inappropriately. The Hedding Law Firm got the charged reduced to a misdemeanor and the client avoided a third strike (25 to life) and state prison. Client got probationary sentence

Client was charged with petty theft. Looking at loss of current job and loss of future employment because of theft related offense. After investigation and revealing clients impeccable record, the Hedding Law Firm was able to obtain a resolution of a diversion program where client was able to avoid any conviction or any bad future ramifications.

Client was charged with failure to register as a sex offender. Facing prison. The Hedding Law Firm showed that it was not the client's intent to hide from law enforcement and that it was an oversight on part of client. Client gets warning and avoids jail time.

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