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This is probably the biggest question on most people's mind if they have a case pending in one of the Los Angeles criminal courthouses. It is not an easy question to answer. To even begin to answer it, the attorney would have to know what your definition of winning is? This may seem like a simple question, but when the person in trouble really realistically evaluates what is going on, they will come to the conclusion that the definition of winning a criminal case comes down to what evidence the police and prosecutors have against you and what your attorney can do for you to get this situation resolved in the most favorable way possible.

For some the answer will be, "I need the attorney to take this case to trial and convince a jury I am not guilty, because I did not do anything criminal." For others, it will be, " I know I did something wrong, but I need my attorney to talk to the prosecutor and judge and figure out how they can get this case resolved with the best possible outcome." While others will find themselves in the position of saying, "Yes I committed a crime, but I did not do what the police and prosecutors are claiming that I did...so how do I get to the right result?" No matter what you position is, one of the keys to a successful outcome is to indentify what your realistically need to achieve a win.

All of the above are valid logical positions and if the case is handled the right way, all of the above scenerios can end with the person winning. However, as you have probably guessed, the attorney each of these people choose will be the only one that can get them the win! This is why you have to choose the right attorney for your particular situation. Do your homework. Get a list of questions together. Figure out what your result realistically needs to be for you to be satisfied and go and meet with the prospective attorney face to face. You should be assessing whether this is the person that you want representing your very important interests in front of a judge, prosecutor or even a jury. Tell them all of the relevant information without putting a spin on it and let the attorney guide you. Your instincts and logic will help you make the right decision.


This seems like an easy question, but when someone has been arrested and there is a lot at stake, sometimes it is not so easy. The best way to deal with this situation is to take it step by step in small bites. Start to educate yourself on how the system works and do some research on the Internet. Once you feel that you have a handle on how things work, you should go sit down with an attorney that you believe possesses the credentials and experience you will need to successfully defend your case. Get a list of questions together that relate to your case and have an idea of the type of person you want to defend your interests. Realize, which ever attorney you choose will be talking and strategizing on your behalf, so choose carefully. You want someone that you feel comfortable with representing your interests in front of the judge and prosecutor. Criminal defense, like most things in life, hinges primarily on factors like common sense, reasonableness and sometimes skill and influence. Make sure that your champion possesses all of these things!

In the process of choosing your attorney, make sure that you are honest with the attorney and give them all of the details without trying to only tell your version of events. Make sure that the attorney knows what the other side will claim that you did. The more the attorney knows, the more effectively they will be able to advocate on your behalf. Even if you tell your attorney that you are guilty, the best attorneys will still fight for you and do everything they can to make sure you end up with the best possible result, based on your particular set of circumstances.


When a criminal defense attorney sits down to discuss a criminal case with the prosecutor or judge, this is called negotiation or plea bargaining. Anything that the attorneys or judge say, can not be used against any of the parties. Settlement discussion are done for the purpose of seeing if the matter can be resolved short of going to trial. If negotiations are unsuccessful, then the case can proceed ahead to trial and none of the parties can use the content of the negotiation to their advantage.

A criminal defense attorney will be typically discussing the facts related to the case in the most favorable light to his or her client. The judge and the prosecutor will also consider the client's prior criminal record, what they are doing for a living and any character letters related to the subject person. Really what will be evaluated is why the client did what they did, whether there is a likelihood of them doing it again and what should be done to punish the person for their conduct and what, if anything, can be done to make the victim whole again. The negotiation process can sometimes be a very subjective interaction and this is why the person's criminal defense attorney is so important. A savvy seasoned criminal defense attorney wil know what to say, who to say it to and what to bring up in their client's favor and what not to mention. There are many different factors that can influence a negotiate and that is why only the best most experience defense attorneys can get the results clients must have.

Our attorneys have 75 years of combined experience in Courthouses within Los Angeles County and we have dealt with thousands of criminal matters in state and federal court in which we have seen successful results. If you are faced with a criminal charge in Los Angeles County, I encourage you to come and sit down face to face with me, Ron Hedding and I will access your case and begin the process of strategizing a solution to your criminal charges. The Los Angeles criminal lawyers in my firm have credentials that are simply unmatched by other, less seasoned attorneys. Before you hire an attorney for such a serious situation check them out thoroughly! I have listed some of my credentials on this site; it is me on the videos within the site.

Ronald Hedding Recognized as Top LA Criminal Attorney

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Credentials That Make Us Your Best Choice In LA

*75 Years of Combined Experience In Los Angeles

*150 Combined Jury Trials In Los Angeles County

*10 Rating By AVVO - a rating by peers and clients that represents the highest possible rating a Los Angeles Attorney can receive

*A.V. Rating by Martindale-Hubbell - top 5% in Los Angeles California and the highest possible rating for both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards

*Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year- consumer business review honored Mr. Hedding 1999, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008

*In The 2005 Edition of Super Lawyers as a Rising Star In Los Angeles Criminal Defense - voted on by lawyers and judges in the State of California and Los Angeles

*Honored In The Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers in Los Angeles - as one of the top law firms in the State of California

*Presidential Pardon - one of the few attorneys in the nation to have a client pardoned by the President of the United States

*Former Commissioner For The State Bar of California's JNE Commissioner Evaluation Commission - Mr. Hedding was part of the investigation process for the Governor of California, related to the selection of judges. He was part of a 38 person Commission tasked with investigating persons the Governor was considering appointing to the bench.

At the Hedding Law Firm we provide our clients with dedicated criminal defense representation. Trying to represent yourself in a criminal cases can end up with undesired results such as maximum sentences and penalties. Having an advocate in your corner only increases your chances of success.

We will fight for your rights! We will work to provide you with the personal care and dedication that is needed to help obtain a successful outcome for your case.

Arrested In Los Angeles, Now What

If a person is arrested in Los Angeles County, they must be present in court within two business days of the arrest, unless arrested on a holiday. If the arrest was for a felony, generally more time is given for detectives to investigate and review the case.

If released on bail, then a court date is usually set thirty days ahead in the court that has jurisdiction over the alleged case.

Do not let your loved one get lost in the system, call the Hedding Law Firm Defense Attorneys immediately.

Los Angeles DUI Arrests

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence? Our firm has an abundance of experience defending DUI cases throughout all Los Angeles County courts. As your attorney we handle the DMV hearing, in which you have 10 days within your arrest to set up a hearing, and we handle all the criminal proceedings and if need be will take this to trial. Our objective is to protect your legal rights, freedom, and driver license. We will do whatever it takes.

We have dealt with every aspect of a drunk driving case and our DUI defense is truly unmatched in all of Los Angeles county. We have handled other arenas of criminal defense in both state and federal court such as, drug crimes, murder, sex crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes and domestic violence cases, juvenile crimes, three strike crimes, probation violations, assault and battery, bench warrants, aiding and abetting, conspiracy, hit and run, obstruction of justice, vehicular manslaughter, traffic tickets.

We may even be able to clear a conviction on your record through an expungement.

Respected Criminal Defense Attorneys

We understand that facing a criminal matter may be a very frustrating and upsetting time for both you and your family. Our defense lawyers have over 50 years of combined legal experience in defending clients in California against criminal charges. We are very familiar with the Los Angeles area courts and have, over the years, established many outstanding relationships with law officials. Your rights and freedom are very important to us! We will make every attempt to lower the charges against you or in some instances have your case dismissed entirely!

We offer a free consultation where we sit down with you and evaluate your charges and speak to you in detail about what you r are facing and all your available options. Contact us anytime, 24/7, at 818-986-2092.

Need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney? Contact us today!

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